10 Proven Strategies to Reduce Duplicate Payments

0 proven strategies to reduce duplicate payments

We all know that duplicate payments are not only costly, but their remediation is also time-consuming for even the best-run businesses.  And this is just beginning.  If you do not act now, your business will be dealing with these issues regularly. Preventing duplicate payments is essential.  It helps you keep more of the money you […]

3 Easy Tips to Reconcile Accounts Payable

reconcile accounts payable

Three tips to reconcile accounts payable. Supplier accounting is often confusing, but it can be even more difficult to understand if the supplier has misapplied payments or created statement credits that do not align with your intentions. Since these accounting decisions are normally performed unilaterally by the supplier they can go unnoticed. You might not […]

6 Important Tips for Choosing a Recovery Auditor

Empaur 6 Important tips for choosing a recovery auditor

What can the Right Recovery Auditor do for Your Company? Most purchasing errors you make simply fix themselves within 90 to 120 days due to your everyday process’s usual checks and balances. However, after this initial period, you have less than a 2% chance that you’ll identify them yourself. That’s why a recovery auditor working […]