It is almost impossible to think of a company that does not have contractual agreements with third parties.

Whether you are building cars, selling real estate, or manufacturing pharmaceuticals, there will be contractors involved in the process. Contract compliance audits help ensure that these contractors fulfill their obligations to you both from a service level and with contract pricing. The Empaur audit is an AI-powered ontract compliance solution built on the Acuri AI platform that can identify issues and provide insights into how to resolve them.

Empaur leverages the Acuri AI Platform

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Artificial Intelligence Inside

The Empaur Contract Compliance Solution uses Acuri AI to automate many of the otherwise manual processes of third-party auditing making the process more straightforward than ever before.

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Benefits of a Contract compiance Audit

The Empaur Contract Compliance audit process can help identify and recover lost profits, verify data reported by third parties, and assess the effectiveness of related internal controls.

Additionally, a contract compliance audit can enhance transparency, efficiency, and accountability by strengthening contract language and communication.

“Leverage the power of AI to simplify contract compliance.”

– David Carreras

plan of action

Evaluate Contract Performance

An Empaur Contract Compliance review evaluates whether your suppliers have charged you correctly for the goods and services agreed upon in the contract.

The process ensures that third parties fulfill all aspects of their responsibilities to you and that they do not duplicate work or charge too much for their goods and services.

The Contract Compliance Audit Process is a valuable tool for making sure things run smoothly between the contracting parties.

A well-run contract compliance audit can identify lost profits, as well as non-compliance to state laws. It can also identify instances of fraud or other dishonest practices by a third party and help to prevent future occurrences.

Financial controls are the heart of the matter

Data Led and Results Driven

Contract Compliance Controls

When it comes to your business, compliance should never be an afterthought. It is essential for both you and your vendor partners because, without a compliant contract, and comprehensive vendor controls your business relationship could become damaged and affect the profitability of both parties.

Typical types of recoveries

AI Empowered Contract Compliance

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