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Duplicate Payments

Review your Payments and Processes

When you’re running a business, one of the most important tasks you need to do is keep track of your finances. This includes keeping track of supplier invoices and the subsequent payments that are continually received and processed.

Often, payments are the largest expense an enterprise has. As a result, you should always investigate anything that appears suspicious to lower your risk of fraud.

Virtually every large enterprise should review its account payable and payment processes on a regular basis in order to find discrepancies. The more you examine the different fields, the greater chance there is of finding accidental mistakes that lead to repeat or erroneous payments

Audit Behind your ERP Controls

Duplicate Payments

You need an outsourced Recovery Audit

If you’re only relying on your ERP platform to protect against duplicate payments, then you may be disappointed. It’s easy to assume that these systems will be enough, but from years of research, it seems like the facts just don’t prove this.

Invariably, no matter how well-trained and efficient your accounts payable department and systems are, mistakes will happen. For this reason, conducting a duplicate payment audit is an imperative undertaking for any enterprise.

An ERP system may be designed well but it still allows for a duplicate payment to escape if the user takes their time to create one. If there is a typo or if any of the information you are entering is not right, then it will not get matched. That means that you will be paying more than what you owe and that you won’t find out until your next audit.

“A 3rd Party Duplicate Payment review is a best practice for any enterprise business.”

– Jeff Ulanoski

Types of Errors Identified

The Empaur Process


Examine Standard Internal Operating Procedures And Collect Insights

Empaur experts will take the time to understand your internal controls and learn of any issues you think you may have


Review Financial Documents And Collect Data From Internal Systems

The Empaur team will help you source the necessary data, both structured and unstructured, from your AP and procurement systems


Identify Discrepencies Validate, Communicate, Report and Actualize the otherwise lost profits.

The Empaur team will scrub your data and analyze it using the Acuri AI Platform. Results will be documented, shared, and processed.

Leveraging the Acuri Intelligent Recovery Platform.

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Empaur Duplicate Payment Features

Leveraging the Acuri Intelligent recovery platform the Empaur Duplicate Payment recovery service has many key features that lead to a successful result.

Dynamic Query Management

Claim Scoring and Prioritization

Document Imaging and Management

Dynamic Claim Packaging

End-to-End Process Visibility

Real-time Repoting and Analytics