Empaur’s comprehensive recovery audit leverages AI for maximum profit and supplier insights.

Are you missing out on potential profits? If you are not performing a transactional AP recovery audit, the answer is likely, YES.

Companies lose millions from transactional errors with suppliers every year. Even for AP organizations with the tightest controls, losses occur from processing errors such as; altered invoice numbers, multiple vendors, misapplied credits, adjustments to post-settle returns, refunds, and supply chain warranty issues.

A comprehensive transactional review

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Comprehensive Recovery auditing

An ongoing, comprehensive transactional review of your accounts payable and suppliers’ accounts receivable records can recover these dollars regularly. If you’re not performing a recovery audit, the chances are your company is missing out on lost profits and leaving money with your suppliers. 

Empaur’s transactional recovery leverages the Acuri AI-platform technology to maximize audit recoveries and supplier insights across 95% of your spending. The Empaur recovery solution provides real-time controls and process automation elements throughout the end-to-end auditing process, including communicating with suppliers, collecting AR data, discovering credits, and delivering recoveries to clients.

Empaur recovery delivers a complete suite of supplier reports and best practice recommendations to implement actions for the management of your suppliers’ relationships

“An Accounts Payable Recovery Audit is a necessary Best Practice”

Josh Morrison – Shared Service Director

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The Empaur process is designed to be flexible and to meet the unique needs of each client’s organization with industry best practices in place.

Every engagement can be ongoing, or it can be delivered with a specific scope and deadline.

One thing unique to Empaur and different from other recovery audit contractors is that our engagements can be built around a contingency fee or designed with a fixed subscription-based price.

We take care of creating the recovery audit program, the process, communicating with suppliers, collecting AR data, discovering credits, calculating duplicate payments, and delivering recoveries to you — all in real-time.

Identify otherwise lost money

Recovering otherwise lost profits can improve your bottom line by identifying and recovering transactional discrepancies.

Conducting a review of the payments made for goods and services and the corresponding invoices will help identify transactional discrepancies. Our Invoice reconciliation service makes it easier to find and recover these lost dollars or transactions that you have paid with no associated invoice.

Increases in operational efficiency.

We help our clients on diverse procure-to-pay topics such as business process optimization, payment automation, inventory shrinkage, category management, franchise relationship management, profit recovery, and pricing optimization.

A payment audit is an efficient way to identify operational gaps and determine inefficiencies. Recovery auditing can also help identify transactional discrepancies and their potential for lost revenue or cost avoidance.

Comprehensive Accounts Payable Recovery Audit

Our transactional review of your accounts payable records and suppliers’ AR data identifies recoveries with minimal involvement of our clients. By reviewing these transactions, we can identify where you’re missing out on potential profits, process compliance issues, and overpayments.

Empaur’s transactional recovery review is comprehensive, identifying opportunities for additional recoveries within your AP process. We go beyond simply reviewing your general ledger systems and procurement resources to identify discrepancies on invoices and credits that you might not have noticed before.

We use cutting-edge communication practices to gain access to third parties, collect AR data; discover credits, and deliver these profits back to clients through our proprietary online service.

Ongoing Benefits

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Comprehensive Recovery auditing

The ongoing benefit of a recovery audit program is that the process finds all the gaps in your Procure to Pay process. Identifying internal mistakes such as payment issues, contract noncompliance, or incorrect information can help businesses correct the errors and take action to prevent future mistakes.

Prevent future leakage and errors

Empaur’s payment recovery process is a unique approach that combines audit and analytics to improve organizations’ abilities to evaluate and make adjustments to faulty payment systems.

At all stages of the review, Empaur will provide the client with an easy-to-use web interface to keep track of discrepancies in real-time. Ongoing analytics enables the clients to make swift decisions and recovery audit program changes to make sure issues do not continue to happen.

Uncover Process inefficiencies

Working with a third-party recovery auditing team will provide your company’s internal audit team with the opportunity to regularly identify systemic or procedural weaknesses.

A good project will involve a review of all company overpayments and explain how and why they came about. You should note that observations and recommendations are specific to the specific process of the organization and are not generalizations.

Recovery audits can mitigate the risk of fraud.

When departments are less than perfect, the risk of third parties fraud is much higher. Accounts payable audits can find weak spots and red flags so they can be resolved. Even issues related to Contract compliance terms can be mitigated.

Our proprietary recovery process eliminates much of the human error associated with other types of services that identify past improper payments due to fraud.

Enhanced oversight from our recovery audit technology closes the window of opportunity for fraudulent activity.

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