The Empaur Advantage

Empaur is a technology driven organization that is revolutionizing the way a recovery audit is performed and delivered.  Our proprietary recovery process allows us to maximize recoveries, decrease future payment errors, improve reporting and analytics, all while requiring minimal to no labor from the customer as support.

Technology Enabled Solutions

Acuri Intelligent Platform

Acuri intelligent platform for Empaur recovery audit

Acuri Suite of Solutions

The Empaur Acuri suite of web-enabled solutions allows customers to directly interact with both the suppliers and the auditors to significantly enhance the way data is exchanged and analyzed.

This new approach increases the ability of the client to actualize the recoveries, manage the engagement and perform root-cause analysis in real-time.

Real-time Visibility and controlls

Your team will have real-time access to vendor compliance via Empaur’s Acuri Intelligent platform.

With access to your own customized user dashboard. You will have real-time access to recovery detail, root cause analysis, and vendor compliance reports at all times.

Improved Time-to-Cash

Empaur has raised the bar significantly for how quickly and easily our recovery engagements are started.  Clients should expect to see the initial results in less than 30 days. 

“Technology Enabled Solutions to Empaur your financial controls”

-Vinay Ambekar

Introducing the first Recovery Audit Intelligent Decision Framework

With each action taken the Acuri platform considers hundreds of data points across 8 core dimension of audit related data. This Intelligent Decision Framework enables our team to conduct the most comprehensive review while at the same time minimizing the impact on the suppliers themselves.

Supplier Profile

We review, evaluate, and augment information in your supplier master, which leads to improvement opportunities

Previous Results

We review, evaluate, and augment supplier information, which leads to improvement opportunities

Empaur Data

We will deploy our predictive modeling and analytics along with our aggregated supplier profile information.

ERP System

The ERP system attributes of the suppliers can lead to recurring errors or issues with reporting


We examine all forms of communication for all 3rd party connections determining the best mode for correspondence


We evaluate the results that a 3rd party submits to ensure they we have all the information required

Spend Details

We examine multiple layers of spend details to determine if there have been any errors or oversights.


Information on purchases will be collected and analyzed looking for errors, non-compliance or oversights.

Acuri Intelligent Elements

Based on 20+ years of recovery audit experience and 3 previous recovery audit patents, the Empaur product team has created the industry’s most advanced recovery audit platform.

The Acuri platform consists of six disparate technology systems that function in symphony to facilitate the needs of the Customers, the Audit team as well as the suppliers .  

Logic Processing

Engine that executes all intelligence: queries, algorithms and Machine Learning scripts

WorkFlow Engine

Configurable persistent workflow engine to set and monitor all controls and processes

Machine Learning

Method to extract and interpret (NLP) data from disparate sources or formats

Empaur technology Acuri Platform

Data Services 

Environment to set data ingestion and processing controls for customers and suppliers

Query Design

Interface to select, run and create new queries and recovery algorithms

Control Panel

Global control panel to set roles, permissions and congigurations for all users


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